About Us


ECM is an electrical contracting company that provides electrical and associated services in all areas of the Electrical Construction and facility maintenance industries. We build our business reputation on our commitment to service quality, the high standard of our staff and the cost effectiveness of our solutions. All our personnel have extensive experience in the construction and maintenance industry, especially in large commercial, industrial and mining projects. 

Our Commitments

ECM has a commitment and the abilities to undertake and complete projects, in a safe, quality assured, environmentally responsible and professional manner. The ECM approach extends to completing projects in compliance with Australian and International Standards and within the construction periods.

With a reputation for service quality, professionalism and cost-effectiveness, we’ll complete your project on time, on budget and in accordance with international  standards

Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance   

ECM is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its workers and visitors and any other persons who may be affected by its operations. In securing workplace health and safety, ECM will pursue the best practice in HSEC. Our safety system has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Occupational Health & Safety Legislation, Regulations, Ministerial Notices, Codes of Practices, and Australian Standards.  

Quality Assurance   

To achieve our aims, we have a Quality Management System that complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 that allows for continual improvement. This has been planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions and we are responsive to the legislative requirements. The Company's Quality Management System is subjected to continual improvement so that its effectiveness can be maintained as conditions or regulatory requirements evolve. 

Authorised distributors and service providers of Kohler power generators

The Kohler Connection

We have been partnered with Kohler for years and our commitment to this partnership is as strong as ever due to the peace of mind for us and our clients that Kohler Gensets provide. 

We are confident that we are supplying our clients with the highest quality Gensets that operating in PNG’s difficult and testing environments demand. 

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Commited to service quality and excellence through training

We believe in ensuring all technicians and operators are suitably trained in order for successful operations. 
ECM is commited to the importance of continual training to keep up with developing technology.

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